In the latin language, BELLATOREM means warriors, and since every good fantasy is about a saga of heroes in a war against evil, we thought BELLATOREM, which also sounds pretty cool, would be a good brand title.  


Every fantasy franchise has a FANTASY UNIVERSE and BELLATOREM is no different.  

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A franchises’ universe contains the planets, civilizations, races, characters and stories of the world. It is sort of the wikipedia of the make believe world that is created.  Sometimes these universes intersect with the reality of our own like what we see in the Marvel Universe and sometimes they take place in a wholly unique world like that of Lord Of The Rings or Star Wars.


A fantasy universe tends to be allegorical in nature and tries for us mortal humans to understand, through storytelling, the nature of our own universe, our people and our own sagas.


BELLATOREM is no doubt inspired by our own mythology, history and fables.  It is also inspired by the great entertainment franchises of our day. The universe’s timeline is large enough for it to be more sci-fi-fantasy like Star Wars and for it to be more historical fantasy like Game Of Thrones or Lord Of The Rings.  The Universe is also flexible enough for it to cross over with our human experience as it does in Marvel, DC or the Harry Potter-verse.


Our first graphic novel series BELLATOREM: FALL OF THE DRAGON KINGS mostly takes place on a planet known as PETRA in a period dominated by the rise and fall of the Dragon Kings, a race of humanoids who through a symbiotic relationship with their dragons are able to achieve extra long life, super strength and control of their dragons.


This period has the tone of medieval and ancient times with great cities, castles, weapons and of courses clashes of good and evil.  By themselves the civilizations don’t represent good or evil. It is the individual or individuals leading the civilizations that tend to change their propensity for righteousness or wickedness.  


To create moral conflict our Universe has two spirits representing good and evil, the Monaki (Mon-ah-k-i) and the Serici (Ser-rih-s-i).  It is these perpetual spirits that corrupt people either towards good or evil. Some people are born with superhuman monaki powers which allow them to use magic forces.  Others are born with with superhuman Serici powers which allow them to use dark powers. Both Monaki and Serici can train to enhance their powers, and can teach people who are not born with supernatural WA, the mystical forces that exists within all things.  Some Monaki become so corrupted and evil that they eventually become like Serici and some Serici are turned from their dark path, towards the light.


The Monaki and Serici represent the essence of BELLATOREM and our story’s quest to not only entertain but to better understand the relationship between good and evil.


We don’t want to give the entire universe away before we release more products through so stay tuned as we develop and release our own version of the BELLATOREM WIKIPEDIA… what should we call it the BELLAPEDIA or THE TOREM?