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Are you a fan of comic books or movies?

Do you like to get to see new films or comics before anyone else?

Do you like being a part of a collaborative community?

Do you have a loyal following on a social media platform already and promote TV, movies or comic book related stuff?

If so, become part of The ORA PICTURES' Super Fan community! 

You'll get first access to our artwork, new comic books and film releases + make money!

Super fans with a minimum of 10,000 followers/subscribers can promote any of our projects as much or as little as they want.  When you promote our stuff, you're giving fans free and early access to our projects as well.  We'll provide you with all the tools to promote our wonderful projects. 

How/when will promoters get paid?

Super fans will be paid out via our Kickstarter profits through our SUPER FAN PROMOTER POOL.  The promoter pool will make up 50% of the Kickstarter's profits.  The more we grow the project before the kickstarter the more profits that will be made and the more money everyone will make.  Individual SUPER FAN promoters will be paid out as a percentage based on their number of followers they have times the number of posts they make / total sum off all posts and followers.  It sounds complicated but it's really not!

Once you fill out this online form, we will review your submission so you can get promoting.  Good luck and thank you for joining our community! 


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