"Emperor Provictus’ Chief Adviser "

Race: Human

Sub-Race: Unknown

Height: 5 10’

Age:  Unknown

Sex: Male


Special Powers:  Some basic Serici Powers but has renounced The Order and his Serici training years ago.


Sigil: Unknown


Weapons: Two concealed scythed blades.


Clothing: Dark cloak, royal quality


Armour:  none


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Design-Concept - Rata.JPG

History:  Rata’s history is shrouded in mystery.  He came to serve the Dragon Empire during one of its most perilous hours, during the 2nd Partho-Drako wars, when the Parthiians defeated the Dragon Empire in battle after battle.  Rata, a Serici himself who left the dark ways was instrumental in advising the Dragon Emperor on how to kill a powerful serici leader who at the time supported the Parthiians. After the defeat of the serici leader, the Parthiians were greatly defeated in the battle of The Great Desert wherein the Parthiians lost a sizeable force.  With Rata’s guidance of the Dragon Emperor and the defeat of the Parthiians at the Battle Of The Great Desert allowed a formal peace treaty between these two great empires to be signed. Since then, Rata has served the Dragon Emperor loyally, helping him to consolidate the powers and to maintain peace and order within the Dragon Empire.