The World's First Fantasy Franchise

Owned By Fans

         BELLATOREM partners with leading Hollywood creators, from independent artists and producers to A list talent and mini-major Studios to produce a slate of projects within the BELLATOREM UNIVERSE.


We’re also the first entertainment company in history to be solely focused on a fantasy universe designed to be owned by fans. We’re using new equity crowdfunding laws that allow people to invest as little as $100 to own a piece of the company.


An entertainment universe owned by fans will change the way fantasy universes are built in the genre of movies, tv, animations, gaming, and in comics and will engage and entertain fans on the new level.



Gaming Geeks, Comic Book Junkies, Fantasy Buffs, Movie Lovers, Animation Obsessors, Cosplayers, Geeky Influencers & Streamers UNITE!

 Individually- We’re Just Nerds, the best type (of course), but together we can create a whole NEW EPIC fantasy universe that’ll be transformed into movies, tv series’, animations, video games, comic books and much much more!


         When fans unite we can accomplish anything, after all, it’s the fans who have the real power. It’s the fans’ eyeballs, thumbs and cash that powers GEEKDOM.


          BELLATOREM’S long-term goal is to have 100 million or more fans, 10 million or more superfans, a million or more investor fans and thousands of influencer fans. Once we achieve this, we’ll be able to regularly release live-action movies, tv series’, console/mobile video games as well as expand our comic book universe.                 

         Your support will enable us to partner with other well-established creators, entertainment studios & video game developers in order to bring the highest quality BELLATOREM content to the world. And guess what? You will be a part of it!