ORA COMICS is an independent comic book/graphic novel publisher. 



Currently, we have two incredible graphic novels in full production. 


BELLATOREM: FALL OF THE DRAGON KINGS is written by Octavius Ra and Illustrated Sandra Grygier.  

FALL OF THE DRAGON KINGS is set in the BELLATOREM universe. In this epic first chapter of the graphic novel, we introduce the backstory of how the Dragon Kings and The Dragon Emperor became the dragon blood sucking powerful humanoids that they are and how the war without end, BELLATOREM, has returned to the Planet Petra to shake the foundation of the Dragon Empire.

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ZEALOT is written by Octavius Ra and Illustrated Time Garvanliev.  

Zealot is the story of young Jewish boy whose mother is murdered by the Romans, whose father is enslaved by the Romans and whose older brother is corrupted by the Romans. Izaya barely escapes from slavery with his life only to become an outcast. He later will be trained by a notorious assassin, travel to the far East to learn of the spiritual traditions of India and China  to eventually return to Roman-occupied Jerusalem, fuelled with new ideas and vengeance in his heart. He will be joined by a group of rebels called "the Zealots," and in time, he will lead a revolution against the Roman Empire, shaking the foundation of tyranny to its knees.

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