Jeremius’ mother died in birth, his father Nathaneal raised him.  The Ludayin twelve tribes have had a history of being slaves so long that they cannot remember who and what they were before that.  As part of the Partho-Drako wars there was a settlement which saw the Dragon Empire surrender a vast amount of slaves of the Dragon Kings to work the mines of the Parthiian Empire.  Thus Jeremius was born shortly after the Partho-Drako wars into a grim life of an underground miner. As a boy Jeremius began hearing a particular voice in his head and as a result most people thought he was a little crazy.  The voice would ask, suggest and command Jeremius do certain things, though most of the time he ignored these disturbances, considering himself slightly mad as well. One day, listening to the voices, Jeremius dug in a restricted area of the mine and found what looked like an ancient battle suit.  Though Jeremius did not know it, he had found a Venatorum suit, an ancient suit with advanced technology, normally under the complete control of the Dramarian Republic. Fearing he would be caught Jeremius did not wear the suit or turn it on for fear what the Parthiian overlords would do to him and his people if discovered.  Instead, he buried the suit biding his time until he might find a better opportunity to use it.


"Saviour of the Ludayins", "The One Who Guides", "Our Good Shepherd"

Race: Human

Sub-Race or Civilization: Ludayin

Height: 5 11’

Age:  35

Sex: Male

Special Powers:  Through dreams and visions, Jeremius has communication with THE ONE, a mysterious being from a far off planet who seems to be altruistically helping Jeremius and the Ludayin People.  

Weapons: Part armour, part weaponized machine, the Venatorum suit allows Jeremius to fight alongside the Luxors and to combat justly against Dragon Knights and Dragon Kings.  His armour was found in a Parthiian mine using guidance from The One.   

Armour: The venatorum suit, which is of Dramarian technology, boasts two long retractable swords, two retractable heavy-metallic bolt shooters, and has two propulsion units in the rear upper back.  It is powered by an energy hex, an extremely rare energy crystal that normally comes from Dramarian reserves.  

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Unfortunately his visions increased to the point where the voice in his head was pounding upon him to take up the suit, and to free his people from the bondages of slavery. His Father noticing the headaches and constant voices discovered what Jeremius had found and to his horror he confronted his son about The Voice and The Venatorum Suit.  He told Jeremius that he was better off reporting it to the authorities and told him to forget his visions lest he be condemned by the council of the wise and handed over to the Parthiians for extermination. Instead, Jeremius takes of the mantle of hero, against his better judgement and him and his fellow co-revolutionaries are quickly overwhelmed by the Parthiian soldiers. When the moment was at it’s darkest and Jeremius and his followers were sure to perish, THE ONE, sends an army of Luxors from seemingly nowhere who then quickly overwhelm the Parthiians.  Jeremius and his followers had proven their worth, and THE ONE, was then willing to give them his most noble warriors, the Luxors. They wander the desert for three years before finding a home at the edge of The Dragon Empire called Belgorad.