We're using disruptive new equity crowdfunding laws to build the world’s first entertainment franchise and fantasy universe.  We believe that by bringing fans, superfans, investor fans and influencer fans together into what we call the BELLATOREM UNION, that we have the innate power to out-compete existing franchises or entertainment studios owned by wall street.




Fans buy the tickets, the video games, the comic books and subscribe to the streaming platforms.  They share, comment, like and consume the products. They literally power the multi-trillion dollar entertainment industry.  Without fans, Hollywood would be just a -ugh- really nice beach town. And that would be sad. We’re not changing fandom or Hollywood.  We’re enhancing it for the better. We’re adding another epic universe, this time owned by fans. This time, fans won’t just be the fuel that ignites the engine, they’ll be the engine that ignites FANDOM  -forever-  BELLATOREM means war and warriors in latin. Become a warrior, join BELLATOREM and follow our investment page on WEFUNDER, the platform we'll be using to turn fan investor capital into fan investor equity. 


We haven’t publicly started raising money yet.  We’re busy building our first comic book series to launch our franchise fantasy universe -- BELLATOREM: FALL OF THE DRAGON KINGS -- read it now, it's free. Along with building our team, associated creative partners, we're also building a social media infrastructure which includes adding niche influencers to our team.


For a detailed read on our business check out our OVERVIEW page and to understand our CLASSIFIED MASTER PLAN check out our MASTER STRATEGY page. 


If you’re interested in keeping up to date with BELLATOREM, why not become a member, it's free, with no investment obligations, and we'll be offering free perks like our free digital comic book subscription.


If you're a huge fan of fantasy, and would like to get even more involved in our new media franchise then we suggest you sign up to our superfan email list.  We'll be providing volunteer opportunities through this email list as well as will be promoting our crowdfunding campaigns on popular platforms like Indiegogo for movies/tv, Kickstarter for comics and video games and Patreon for extra behind the scenes material.  These campaigns are not to be confused with our EQUITY CROWDFUNDING campaigns that we'll be launching on WEFUNDER and rewarding, not with prizes, but with company shares, in order to pay for operational and expansion costs.  Volunteer opportunities may include supporting us at events like fan expos or comic cons and maybe even private parties or premieres.  Our non-equity crowdfunding campaigns that we'll launch on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Patreon will give you access to even more perks, behind the scenes content and you'll help us directly launch individual products, especially products that we want the community of superfans to support.  Essentially, by becoming a superfan you'll have an opportunity to get even more involved in our community and to vote with your wallet as our crowdfunding campaigns will help us to determine individual products and whether or not we have the support from our audience to go ahead and complete each one.  


If you’re an influencer that promotes -- comic books, movies, video games, animation, tv and especially fantasy -- and you have over 10,000 followers on popular sites like Instagram, youtube, or twitter etc. you can apply to our influencer fan program where we give you tools for you to promote THE BELLATOREM UNIVERSE and perks for you to enjoy our franchise. We’ll even reward you based on your successful promotions.  It’s free, it’s fun and it’s doing what you love; promoting and being a part of a fantasy community.  If you're an influencer and want to speak with a member of our team please fill out the influencer registration form here.  

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