Emperor Provictus

"Emperor Provictus of the Dragon Empire, 1st Dragon King amongst all Dragon Kings, King of Hadria, Lord of the city of Hadria, Defender of the Empire and saviour of the Dragon Lords.  Worshipped by the non-bloods and dragon-bloods alike within the Dragon Empire as a God-like figure."

Race: Dragon Humanoid

Sub-Race: Imperial Lineage

Height: 6 3’

Age:  327

Sex: Male


Special Powers:  Controls two dragons directly with his mind, Goric, Gola and has powers over all other Dragon Kings’ dragons through their yearly blood ‘gifts’ to the Emperor.  The Dragon Emperor is two to three times as strong as the other Dragon Kings and Dragon Kings are ten times stronger than humans. Other powers include long life associated with his Dragon’s Blood and even longer life because of the white dragon’s purple blood.


Sigil:  A black or white dragon, depending on the uniform, blowing purple flames.


Weapons: Bane, an eight foot dragon-forged steel sword. 

Armour: Black dragon-forged steel armor with the imperial sigil of the white or black dragon with purple flames.  


History: A rich and complex history associated with the long life of a Dragon Emperor.

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