BELLATOREM is truly a unique opportunity.  We’re the first entertainment universe to be owned by fans.  It’s a huge and bold idea -- A Marvel, Star Wars or DC's size opportunity and the first time in history fans have a chance to become investors of a groundbreaking universe and an epic franchise- BELLATOREM.


Before we ask anyone to invest their hard earned money we want to explain why a universe owned by fans is such a powerful opportunity and how a universe owned by fans has the power to change the way entertainment universes are initiated. This is more than just Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign, though we might do that from time to time.   


Our main business model is structured around Equity Crowd Funding. Your money will become a growing investment, let say a $100. It is our job to turn that into $500. Or $1000. Or $10,000. It is also our job to prove you why this investment is valuable by showing you our classified master strategy.  











Before we dive into the details of our master strategy we should make one thing clear. BELLATOREM is a fan OWNED entertainment universe, not a fan CREATED entertainment universe.  A lot of people initially confuse the two.  We will, however, empower fans by opening up certain aspects of our creation process, allowing fans to vote on certain decisions and to engage in the process.  BUT more on that later!


While we love fan films, DIY creators, and crowdsourced entertainment, Bellatorem isn’t about fans CREATING its universe, it’s about fans FUNDING its universe, helping it succeed in the marketplace, and participating in the rewards when it’s successful.


That doesn’t mean that fans won’t have an opportunity to vote on projects; whether that be deciding if we should create a new video game or focus on a new comic book series. We plan to get fans as involved as possible in helping us in our decision-making process. Our vision is to create movies on the level of major Hollywood studios, the best video game companies, and the most creative comic book publishers. We aim to be as good, if not better than these companies, and fans can help us to achieve that.



Why is it the best to have a universe owned by fans?

We believe the next big fantasy entertainment universe should be owned by fans.  Not only because it’s a much entertaining way to build a company for us and our fans, but also we believe there’s power in numbers and in unity. How many DC fans are there? How many Lord Of The Rings Fans are there? How many Harry Potter fans, or Star Wars fans or Avatar fans, Game Of Thrones or Marvel Fans ECT. ETC. ETC. (did I miss something) are there?  IN SHORT, THERE IS A LOT OF FANS with tremendous power!


Now, imagine if all the fantasy fans of the world got together to fund a fantasy universe? Imagine if all the influencers, cosplayer and gamers got together? Well, we have imagined, turned it into a business model and together we believe this universe powered by fans has the potential to revolutionize and compete in one of the most challenging yet profitable industries -- FANTASY FRANCHISE ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA -- You know, comics, video games, tv, movies and animation.


To do this, BELLATOREM is taking advantage of new EQUITY CROWFUNDING laws enabled by the JOBS Act.  Like regular crowdfunding sites (Kickstarter-Indiegogo-Patreon) BELLATOREM fans have the opportunity to go behind the scenes as we develop our universe into commercial projects in comics, video games, animation, movies, and free digital comic book series. When those projects go live, ie. the comics books arrive in stores or the movie shows up in theatres, or our tv series gets streamed on Netflix then these fans will be able to enjoy these projects like any other fan, except knowing, that they were there rooting us on from the beginning. Indeed, we'll keep these fans up to date with news and content releases including our current BELLATOREM: FALL OF THE DRAGON KINGS . 


We will be giving our Super Fans of Kickstarter (comics/video games), Indiegogo (movies) and Patreon (exclusive content) campaigns AMAZING perks. You as a SuperFan will be able to support us further by volunteering with our company as well as by supporting advanced product launches.


As an investor fan, you are privileged to own stocks (equity) of BELLATOREM.  Imagine if you invested in Marvel or Star Wars before they were ever cinematic titans.  Imagine how much those investments would be worth. If you invest in BELLATOREM you’re buying BELLATOREM stock.  If Bellatorem is successful, you could make money. If BELLATOREM becomes the next great cinematic Universe you could make A LOT of money.  (Of course you could lose money too, but that’s always the case with investing so more on that later.)  


We're not just relying on fan funding for our projects alone -- fans, superfans, investor fans and influencer fans also make up what we call the BELLATOREM UNION - which is the cornerstone of the BELLATOREM business model.


Influencer Fans are like investor fans who own a piece of the BELLATOREM company but who also have a significant following, whether that be their comic book channel on Instagram, their video game blog, or their cosplayer account on Youtube.  These fans not only are investors but they are also major media contributors, spreading the knowledge of the BELLATOREM universe.


By getting fans, superfans, investor fans, and influencer fans together we’re creating an unstoppable union of BELLATOREM enthusiasts who empowers the creation of the highest quality projects by attracting the best partnerships with the best creators Hollywood has to offer.


Why should we unite?

Individually we’re just consumers or lone wolf influencers BUT together we’re the BELLATOREM UNION.  Every project, even the best artistically, lives or dies by its ability to attract an audience. By focusing on a single universe and by bringing fans of all major fantasy genres together (Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Avatar, Star Wars, Game Of Thrones, Marvel, DC etc. etc.) we have the power to not only create a new universe but potentially to create a universe bigger and better than all of these universes combined.  


By coming together we have the power to negotiate better distribution deals and financing deals with Hollywood Studios. When our movies come to market in theatres we’ll be able to bring forth the full potential of our audience in order to make sure our premiere weekend is a theatrical titan, thus--creating a media whirlwind that increases the potential outcome of our projects.


This is the kind of grassroots buzz that Hollywood studios would die for.  Not only will we have our built-in fan and super fan base but we’ll also have our investor fans and influencer fans who will be financially motivated to promote our products even further.


You can’t pay for that kind of media, and if you did it would cost A LOT of money. BELLATOREM will be bringing each product a media release that has never been seen before, a built-in, motivated, incentivized and powerful fanbase! The strategy won’t focuse on making a bad product a hit - but it will make a good product a legendary success and improve BELLATOREM’s chances of a great ROI (return on investment).


The best part is our fans are participating in projects they love.  Our super fans, and investor fans are especially contributing to something they engaged in.  This isn’t an investment in oil, coal, gold etc. this is an investment in movies, comics, animation, video games, and tv -- THINGS WE WANT TO BE A PART OF!  When one of our fans goes to see a movie, they’re really seeing: their movie. When influencer fans promote one of our products, they’re really promoting: their product. When superfans go to see our movie, they’re seeing a movie they helped to create. And when a fan goes to see our movie, or reads our comic or plays our video games then they’re being a part of a movement, a movement to create the world’s next best entertainment franchises.



By having our influencer fans investe in our projects we ensure that social media will be abuzz not only with every product launch but with every news update that we have.  


Our influencers are also given tools in the form of artwork, teasers and free products like our free digital comic book subscription to make such promotions fun and effective.  They will help develop an army of fans!


A Hundred Million Fans

Our strength is in numbers.  If we are able to attract 10,000 influencers with an average following of 100,000 followers than we’ll be able to potentially reach a billion fans.  If 1/10 of those fans goes to see a movie, reads one of our comic books, plays one of our video games than we’ll have achieved our goal of one hundred million fans. Not only will our influencers help us achieve this but every time we release a new product, or host an event there’s a chance a new fan will discover us and be a fan for life.


Ten Million Super Fans

Our hardcore fans are our superfans.  These are the ones who will buy our products, support our crowdfunding, share our stories on social media, sign up to our email list and enjoy many of our multimedia products.  This core fan base will be the fire that lights the release of every product.  Our goal is to have an email subscription list of ten million superfans.  


A Million Investor Fans

You can't make a pizza without a little dough, and well you can’t make an entire fantasy universe without a little money either.  A million investor fans with an average investment of between $100 - $1000 would give our fantasy universe hundreds of millions of dollars in working capital. This would allow us to create the BELLATOREM CINEMATIC UNIVERSE, The Bellatorem Animation Universe, The Bellatorem Video Game Universe, The Bellatorem Comic Book Universe and The Bellatorem TV streaming Universe.


The great thing is that we don't need all that money right away and some of that bling will come from the profits of our products.  We believe with a few hundred thousand dollars we’ll be able to create a profitable and large comic book universe. With a few million dollars and the right partners, we’ll be able to start our own video game and animation universe. With tens of millions of dollars and the right partnerships, we'll be able to create a live-action cinematic universe.  


We can do this because of traditional Hollywood financing relies largely on distribution pre-sales and tax credits. One of the largest movies in terms of costs was Europa’s Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planet’s. It’s budget was over 200 million dollars yet Europa, a relatively small European studio, compared to Hollywood juggernauts like WB and Disney, was able to invest only 20 million of its own money. This is because Europa pre-sold distribution rights and used tax credits given out by governments to finance their film.


That means it’s possible to turn 20 million into 200 million. Now imagine if we had hundreds of millions of dollars, an army of a hundred million fans, ten million superfans, a million investor fans and thousands of influencer fans with their potential reach of a billion more eyeballs.  We’d be able to finance a whole lot more and influence a lot better distribution pre-sale deals. Strength in numbers!  Of course, we plan on starting much smaller, but the point here is that our vision is BIG and our future is BRIGHT!




There’s just one more thing you should be aware of before you invest in BELLATOREM.  Investing in pre-IPO startups is innately a risky proposition. While we believe we’re a billion dollar idea --or more-- capable of changing Hollywood forever, we’re still a very early stage company.   


There’s no guarantee we’ll succeed, in fact, statistically speaking, investing in any startup is that you will lose money and that is because most startups fail. That was true for Lucas Film, Marvel and Walt Disney when they were starting up, and that was true for all the companies that failed before anyone ever heard of them. 


With that being said, the advantage of investing in an early stage startup is that if the company is successful you can make a lot of money.  If you invested $100 in the very first stages of Google you’d have made hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. Now Google is one of the most successful companies of all times so even if we’re able to achieve a small fraction of what they’ve achieved then your investment could be worth a good deal of money.


The bottom line is that with any high risk, high reward investment, you should not invest any money that you cannot afford to lose.  But if you can bear some risk and you want to shoot for the stars than we’d love to have you on board as an investor, a fan, or even a hero helping us to shape the next big entertainment universe.  


As founder and creator, I’ve invested my own money, my own time, my reputation and my life on making this as successful as can be and only some evil supervillain -- which don't exist in the boring real world-- will get in the way of me continuing to grow this company into the greatest fantasy universe of our time.  So while our team and I can’t guarantee success, we can guarantee that we’ll do everything in our power to achieve for you the best investment you’ve ever made!





CLICK HERE TO JOIN  part in the first entertainment universe owned by fans, then we’d love for you to join our family.  And, after all this, if you’re interested in becoming a BELLATOREM fan, it's free and there's no investment or other financial obligations.  Along with updates, you'll receive a free digital comic book subscription.  POW!





With humility and honour of the great STAN LEE. 




OCTAVIUS RA, founder and creator of BELLATOREM