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By bringing fans together we can create the next major fantasy universe.  George Lucas created the first major fantasy film franchise back in 1977 with the release of Star Wars.  At the time, George Lucas was a little-known independent director/producer but he had produced the cult classic American Graffiti which turned into a major hit.  This gave him leverage with the studios and he eventually was able to produce Star Wars. He was able to create a new entertainment franchise right from the film stage.  This was a rare exception and it is even rarer today with box office films starting at 100 million U.S. dollars and sometimes going to over 300 million U.S. dollars in terms of budget.  This has made creating new fantasy film franchises nearly impossible.


In order so that studios can avoid risk most fantasy franchises come from well developed IPs (Intellectual Properties). Examples of this include the Marvel franchise, DC Comics’ Universe, The Harry Potter Verse, The Game Of Thrones series or The Lord Of The Rings Universe.  All these had extensive fan bases before they ever became movie, tv, or video game universes.


More fans mean more guaranteed seats filled at the cinemas and more eyeballs on the streaming platforms.  Why do you think Netflix worked so hard to get Marvel and Disney products and why do you think that Disney is pulling their IPs and moving it to Disney+ (Disney’s new streaming platform).  What the fans want matters more than the platform.


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