BELLATOREM investor fans will enjoy not just the satisfaction of making a major contribution towards the growth and success of this fantasy universe but will also enjoy in the rewards if and when this fantasy franchise does really well. 


Using new equity crowfunding laws, fans can now become INVESTOR FANS by investing as little as $100 into our company.  In return these investors will get shares in BELLATOREM inc. which means that when BELLATOREM makes money then you will make money too. 


Now like any investment, there is the risk that you won't make any at all.  Our goal is to ensure that your investment is going to be worth 5x, 10x or 100x it's value.  When and how much we can't promise you but we can promise you that we'll do everything we can to ensure your money doesn't go to waste. 

We recommend following us on our WEFUNDER page and asking any investment related questions there.  We'll be using WEFUNDER to facilitate our investment rounds. 


In the meantime, if you're interested in investing in BELLATOREM please read our company overview page which explains a lot about who we are and what we do.  From there we recommend reading our Master Strategy page which explains why we think we not only will become the next big fantasy franchise but how we're going to accomplish it.   


  We'll be adding new chapters every so after so comic books page.To read the comic book please go to oursign up and don't miss out on new releases .  


We define the investor fan as someone who would like to contribute to the growth of BELLATOREM and who expects an eventual return on investment.  If you're also looking to become a major contributor to the success and growth of the franchise you might also consider becoming a superfan where you can get unique and exclusive perks.  Even if you don't decide to invest or become a superfan we'll still give you access to our free digital comic books you can expect some future benefits including:


1.  A planned free mobile video game,


THE 2.  Access to our character and story encyclopedia.  See more on BELLATOREM UNIVERSE HERE.


3.  Updates on our new product releases, from tv shows to video games to movies to t-shirts.


4.  News on crowdfunding opportunities (Kickstarter/I

ndiegogo/Patreon).  Here you can show us and truly become a superfan.



5.  Get invitations to exclusive fan events as well as info on where we will be hosting at comicon and fan expos.


Above all becoming an investor in BELLATOREM gives you the ultimate opportunity to help make history and to bring forth the world's first fantasy franchise owned by fans.  Being an investor fan is a statement of your interest in our success.  An investor fan doesn't just watch the movie, play the game or wear the shirt.  The investor fan owns the company.  Sign Up below to our mailing list and become a BELLATOREM Investor Fan member.  We'll send you all the same content as fans and superfans but it will be a statement to us that your interest is also in investing in and not just consuming BELLATOREM.  








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