Why be a promoter when you can be a partner of a fantasy franchise?  Influencer fans are one of the most unique aspects to our BELLATOREM master strategy, which we recommend every potential investor and influencer to read about.  The influencer fan is not only a fan of BELLATOREM but also an integral part of our business model.  In short, we're establishing not only a fantasy owned by fans but a media company powered by social media influencers.  


Many Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or other social media channels have tens of thousands if not millions of followers.  Some of these pages are difficult to monetize but we see the value in the influencer fan.  These tireless fans promote day and night.  We want to reward influencers of comic books, video games, animation, movies, TV and fantasy by becoming member BELLATOREM influencer fans.   By uniting similar minded social media influencers under one brand and one universe, we're establishing a company with a powerful secret weapon.    


Benefits of being an influencer fan is like being a superfan and an investor fan combined.  Not only will you receive access to exclusive content, events and other opportunities but you'll also get an opportunity to earn shares in BELLATOREM in exchange for promoting it.

If you run one or more of the following types of successful social media accounts and would like to learn more about how you can become a BELLATOREM influencer than send us an email with the fields filled out below.  Influencer fans we're looking for have at least 10,000 followers, preferably 100,000 or more. We're looking for the following types of influencers who promote the following content:  


1.  Comic Book 

2.  Video Games

3.  Movies

4.   TV

5.  Animation

6.  Fantasy

7.  Star Wars

8.  DC

9.  Marvel

10.  Game Of Thrones

11.  Hunger Games

12. Avatar

13.  Harry Potter / Fantastic Beasts

14.  Sci-Fi

15.  Cosplayer (s)

16.  Twitch

17.  Movie Facts/Movie Trailers/Movie Reviews

18.  TV Facts/TV Trailers/TV Show Reviews

19.  Comic Book Facts/Comic Book Reviews/Comic Book Art

20.  Lord Of The Rings/The Hobbit

21.  Concept Art/VFX/Animation art/Comic Art/Fan Art


Influencer fans can reach out to us with the fields below filled out.  Not everyone is accepted.  We are looking for genuine fans of BELLATOREM who happen to have an audience that might like our fantasy franchise.  We prefer if people are introduced by other influencers who are already working with us.  


influencer fans can promote as much or as little as they want as our contracts stipulate rewards based on merit and results of their promotion.  We use proprietary technology to track an influencer's success.  We also give influencers all the tools they need to promote BELLATOREM including links to our free digital comic books, events and product releases.  


As an influencer :fan you'll receive all the perks of being a fan , superfan and investor fan .  You'll receive our free digital BELLATOREM comic book subscription but you'll also receive so much more including


1.  Opportunities to earn shares for marketing services* -- making you an owner of BELLATOREM.  Please contact us for more information.


2.  Opportunities to receive free signed printed copies of our comics and merchandise.  


3.  Group Bonuses.


4.  Earn money on select 'influencer only' merchandise promotions.  


5.  Access to even more exclusive fan events. 



We think promoting cool stuff online is great.  We think making it into a serious business is even better.  When you go to a movie theatre and see a movie you helped create, helped promote and own, we think you'll sit back with a small on your face and take in the resounding achievement. 


Being a lone wolf influencer is cool too and we respect your decision to work on promoting your own products, even if you are a BELLATOREM influencer fan, you will not be exclusively tied to our business.  We welcome you to promote anything you want, in fact we need you to do what you do best, make your audience happy.  We'll only ask you to promote the stuff you believe in because at the end of the day we don't want you to sell to your audience, we want you to SHARE with your audience.  


If after reading this you're excited to hear more than fill out the form below and someone on our team will get back to you in a FLASH - no comic book hero metaphor intended.  




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