Along with enjoying all the benefits of being a fan, including our free digital comic book series, invitations to exclusive events and updates on all things BELLATOREM, becoming a superfan member has other benefits.  You can become a superfan by supporting our Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Patreon campaigns or by volunteering at one of our events. 

Depending on what you do or how you support SUPERFANS can expect the following extra perks:


1.   Access to Exclusive Merchandise including signed items or limited time merchandise


2.  Invitations to even more exclusive events or opportunities like being an extra in one of our films.  


3.  Exclusive behind the scenes material including live chats with writers, directors and other  creatives like actors or producers.  


4. Voting opportunities and or more 'WEIGHTED' voting - meaning your vote can help us decide which opportunity to explore next, maybe YOU, the SUPERFANS want a new video game a lot more than a new comic book series.  While we won't make all our decisions based on voting we think it would be fun and USEFUL to get SUPERFANS involved. 



We like to think of superfans as the LIQUID NITROGEN to our rocket jet engine.  We could power ourselves with regular fuel only, but when it comes down to that extra push, we rely on the SUPERFAN.  By signing up below you'll show your interest in hearing about more of the SUPERFAN opportunities.  Of course, we'll update you with regular fan stuff including product launches and investment opportunity but we'd like to send you a little extra too in order to show our thanks for your SUPERFAN support.