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Emperor Provictus

Emperor of all the Dragon People

King of Hadria

1st among the Dragon Kings


Nickname (s)

The Dragon Emperor

The Young Emperor

The Serici Slayer

Selenius' Slayer

Emperor Provictus



328 Years Old



Dragon Humanoid




Interesting Facts

  •  He lives in the capital city, Hadria.

  • He is the third Dragon Emperor.

  • Hadria is not only the capital city of the Dragon Empire, but also the capital city of the Dragon Emperor’s fiefdom, Hadria.   

  • He defeated the last known Serici Leader (Selenius) during the Serici Dragon Wars 108 years before the Fall of the Dragon Kings (101,388 years A.B.).

  • He saw his father being killed by Selenius (the last known Serici leader) during the Serici Dragon Wars.

  • He is conisdered relatively young by Dragons Emperor standards. His Father and Grandfather, who were the only two other Emperors, lived to be much older — 1088 and 1796 years old. 

  • He only drinks the blood of two dragons, Goric and Gola.

  • He is the only one legally allowed to drink the blood of Goric and Gola.

  • He is the only Dragon King allowed to drink the blood of two dragons.  

  • He controls his dragons with his mind.

  • He can hear and understand what his dragons are thinking and/or saying to him.

  • His eyes, like all Dragon Humanoids, flash red when they are controlling their draongs.

  • He only drinks dragon blood as food and drink.

  • He has over one thousand dragon concubines who are made up the most beautiful women within the Empire and also many of the daughters of the other Dragon Kings.


Belidith Arismus


Leader of the Luxors


Nickname (s)

Big Heart










Interesting Facts

  • Created by The One

  • Armour/Weapons made from Zelintial Steel, a rare silverish metal  from the planet Akbor

  • Every Luxor names their swords and weapons.  

  • Her sword is called Iustus, which means "righteous one".

  • Zelintial steel is so strong that it can pierce the flesh of dragons.

  • Luxors are between 6-10 feet tall, and have very big blue eyes and elongated skulls

  • Luxors are hyper-intelligent beings with an innate capacity to speak most of the languages of the universe.

  • The One created the Luxors as a Monaki spell in an attempt to fight against Serici dark magic also known more commonly as "Dark Wa" or "Dark Matter" or "Dark Energy."

  • Luxors have free will but they hear the voice of The One and communicate with him wherever they are as voices in their heads.

  • Belidith was born a leader from The One.

  • The other Luxors take orders directly from her.

  • Belidith knows the truth about Bellatorem, the never ending war between the righteous Monaki and evil Serici, but does not share it with Jeremius.  

  • Belidith was sent from her planet Lexon to protect Jeremius, a pupil and the chosen one amongst the Monaki, on the planet Petra to thwart the growing Serici threat there.  

  • She arrived on the planet Petra through a Monaki spell called a "time walk portal" that allowed her and other Luxors to be transferred over from her planet to the planet Petra.

  • Although she has built-in intelligence from The One, most cultural norms confuse her as she wasn’t built to understand such trivialities.  

  • She’s loyal to Jeremius because of her order from The One, but eventually will fall in love with him even though she wasn’t created for this reason; her free will has allowed her to grow some human instincts like love, fear and jealousy, although she expresses them much differently than most humans.

  • Belidith has never fought or seen a Serici but was instructed in the war, Bellatorem, and her mission before arriving on the planet Petra three years earlier.