Start-Up Deck

Phase 1

Privately raise $50k US to spend on:

     -$10k for Wefunder campaign video

     -$10k legal/GAAP accounting

     -$10k management

     -$10k Wefunder re-target marketing ads

     -$10k miscellaneous/actor's attachment

Phase 2

Prep Wefunder launch

Pre-register 10 investors at $10k each for initial Wefunder launch

Launch Wefunder and raise $250k to spend on:

     -$150k for teaser/short production cost ($50k matching spend from George Brown College)

     -$50k for A-list actor (comic book/fantasy following)

     -$25k for management

     -$25k for Indiegogo re-target marketing ads

Phase 3

Phase 4

Prep Indiegogo Launch

Pre-register investor fans

Have actor pre-register their following

Phase 5

Launch Indiegogo to raise $2.5 mil US to spend on:

     -$1.25 mil for campaign perks, rewards, comic book, etc.

     -$1 mil deposit for feature length film

     -$.25 mil for management

Phase 6

Partner with international sales agent/production company in order to raise the remaining feature length film budget (approximately $25 mil US)

Raise more equity investment for Bellatorem through Wefunder to produce more products (including video games, movies, Tv episodics, and animations

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