"Leader of the Luxors"

Race: Luxor

Sub-Race: Unknown

Height: 5 8’

Age:  Unknown

Sex: Female

Special Powers:  Retractable wings made of light.  


Sigil: None


Weapons: Her long Zelential-steel bladed sword is called Iustus (I-U-STUS), meaning righteous one.  Every Luxor names their weapons. Her blade is so strong that it can easily pierce the iron-sided scales of the dragons, dragon humanoids and even bust through dramarian-steel. 

Armour:  Silver-blue armour made from rare Zelential steel forged on the The One’s home planet, Zelentia.  The steel is extremely hard but also feathershly light. 


Design-Concept - Belidith 2.jpg

      Belidith, like all Luxors is a creation of The One.  As such her history, is much shrouded in the mystery of The One.  She is however the anointed leader of the Luxors and is well respected by those she commands.  As a Luxor she can speak most languages communicated throughout the universe. She came to Jeremius through a mystical world-portal created by The One, when his people were facing destruction at the hands of the Parthiians.  The One created the Luxors as a type of Monaki or ‘light magic’ spell, in an attempt to fight against Serici dark magic also known more commonly as Dark Wa. She is now commanded by Jeremius but also sometimes communicates to The One through her own visions.  She does have free will but her instinct to follow orders by The One and/or Jeremius is tantamount in her behavior. She helped guide Jeremius and the Ludayin people through the Great Desert. She lead the army of the Luxors against the Dragon Nobles defending the city of Belgorad.  Sometimes her experience on the planet Petra and with the Ludayin people is confusing since she was not gifted by The One with a thorough understanding of basic human nature like passion, jealousy, greed etc.