ORA Pictures is a Toronto based production company.  Our Title CRY, is completed and we are not looking for distributors or sales agents for this project.  Below are Bellatorem and Zealot.  Both are published comic books.  We are seeking partners to finance, develop, and distributre Bellatorem and Zealot as a franchise multi-media series.  For more information on Bellatorem or Zealot please contact communications (AT) orapictures.com  -  


With a little cgi and special effects, Jay Tanner and his crew have been getting rich off of faking demon hunts and posting them on YOUTUBE. Unfortunately for Jay and his crew this demon hunt turns real.  



The War, known as Bellatorem, has returned to the planet Petra.  This war, always fought between the dark sorcerers known as the Serici and the light wizards known as the Monaki, has re-emerged within a Dragon Empire. The Dragon Emperor will find himself betrayed by his loyal servant, who is in truth the leader of the Serici, while a young freed-man from the East, will go through a hero’s journey and discover he has Monaki powers.  Both the darkness of the Serici and the lightness of the Monaki will see their never ending war, Bellatorem, ravage civilizations both young and old in this fantasy epic for the ages. In the end good triumphs evil but one must beware for there is a little Serici (evil) growing in even the purest (Monaki) of beings.   



Izaya, age twelve, is enslaved along with his Father while his Mother is stoned to death to conceal her true identity as the leader of the rebellious Zealots, a group of freedom fighters seeking justice against The Empire.  Soon after Izaya’s capture he escapes from bondage with his life and travels into the desert.  There he is found, raised and trained by The Empire’s own sworn enemies, The Assassins.  At the age of 30, Izaya returns to the Capital where he seeks vengeance against The Governor, The High Priest and his very own brother, The Betrayer. Through his mission Izaya will sacrifice himself for the good of a cause greater than bloodlust, a cause for freedom and justice.  

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