ORA Pictures is a Toronto based entertainment company that takes a lean - startup and data driven approach to financing, producing and marketing global digital media. 

Financing our projects takes on multiple forms, from in-house financing to co-productions and our location as a Canadian, Ontario production house allows us to earn some of the best tax credits possible in the world.  For our original projects we can maximize tax credits, giving our investors the quickest and highest returns on their film investment.  

Our content development focuses on emerging opportunities in storytelling from narrative to changing technological opportunities.  All content we produce with an international market in mind and with emerging digital platforms at our disposal.

Marketing to a global audience has never been more accessible.  Our approach is to maximize targeted influencers through three focused genre streams; The Nerdy Union, The Horror Union and The Entertainment Union.  Each brand has been set up to market through focused social influencers to maximize the trending reach of our projects.  

ORA Pictures was established in 2016 by Octavius Ra, an actor, director, writer and producer. 

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